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Dr. Pieter and Cindi DeWet on Sirius and XM Satellite RadioQuantum Healing Hour Health and Wellness Talk RadioWE'VE MOVED!
To Sirius XM 131!!

DONT MISS Dr. Pieter and Cindi DeWet on their live talk radio show on
Sirius XM 131
The Quantum Healing Hour LIVE!!!

Monday- Friday! 4-5 pm CST; 5-6pm Eastern.
Call in LIVE to join the radio show at 1-877-956-9566

Join Dr. DeWet and his wife Cindi every Weekday afternoon as they answer your health care and medical questions and share with you their knowledge and opinions on topics ranging from holistic health care to spirituality and wellness with their Quantum Healing Hour Satellite Talk Radio Show!

WAVA Radio Washington, D.C.Listen to the Quantum Healing Hour this Winter on WAVA AM 780 at 1-2 PM, EST for the latest infomation and educational advice about Medicine and Health Care along with Spirituality and Holistic Healing. In the Sping, we'll move back to 5 PM to 6 PM, EST on WAVA AM RADIO 780.

Quantum Healing Hour Holistic and Spiritual Health Care AdviseIf you haven't been in a room together with the two of them, you are in for a delightful suprise. Listen and learn as they banter back and forth with excitement, attitude, delight and humor enjoying each caller and patient and having a sheer desire to make a difference in the lives of each person who crosses their path.

Dr. DeWet and his wife are the proud and crazy parents of 7 amazing children and also have some great information to share regarding raising children, dealing with childhood illness such as ADD, Asperger's, Autism, blending families, adoption and much more.

Motivational Medical and Health Care Advise Talk Radio ShowTogether this team is ready to educate you regarding:

  • Why America is facing a health care disaster
  • The Flaws in our healthcare system leading to a steadily worsening epidemic of chronic diseases including cancer and a myriad of other medical issues
  • What the roots of your healthcare challenges are verses symptom management
  • The Holistic and Wellness paradigms
  • How the Spirit, Mind and Body connection is the critical in both the development of illness and the solutions to illness
  • How emotions are directly related to physical illness and how to read your body like a book
  • Recall Healing principals and how this could possible change your life forever
  • What your personal questions are and how you can navigate through the illness maze
  • Any questions you might have regarding Wellness, holistic medicine, spirituality and health, herbs, homeopathics, supplements, medications, therapies, treatment options, surgeries, etc.
  • Raising a family incorporating healthy Physical, Emotional and Spiritual principals
  • 10 basic steps to health and wellness
  • Prevention techniques and much more.....

Join this dynamic duo Monday- Friday! 4-5 pm CST; 5-6pm Eastern.
You can call in LIVE to the show at 1-877-956-9566 
Quizzes and FREE give-aways are common!
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